Board of Directors

Martin Lundstedt

Martin Lundstedt is the Chairman of the Board of Directors at Partex Marking Systems AB. Martin Lundstedt has over 15 years of experience from international business and is since October 2015, CEO of AB Volvo.

TorBjörn Lööf

TorBjörn Lööf is son to the founders, Tore and Ingegerd Lööf. TorBjörn Lööf has previously been both Managing Director and Chairman of the Board of Directors at Partex.

Sophie Lööf

Sophie Lööf represents the third generation in the Lööf family that founded the company back in 1948. Sophie has many years of experience in the fields of marketing, commercial & PR, and has worked in both Stockholm and London. She has also worked within the Partex group as Vice President and Marketing & PR Manager. Sophie has been a board member since 1992.