Component Marking


PP is a flat hard profile for marker sleeves

PP fit some of the most common brands of terminal blocks. 

Exelent print properties and shelf life

Developed for easy printing on site in the ProMark system



Flat hard profile with adhesive tape for cabinet and component marking

PPAZ is our halogen free material.

Developed for easy printing on site in Partex marking machines.



Polyester label rolls with acrylic adhesive for
thermal transfer print.

Wrap-around label used for cable marking

Excellent resistance to isopropyl alcohol, oil and



Self-adhesive label sheets of polyester with acrylic
adhesive for printing in laser printer.

Ideal choice as a general all-purpose label

Especially for use as component marking in
electronic and electrical applications.



Terminal block marking with rapid snap mounting of entire marker strips.

Robust, stays firmly in place, withstands shaking and vibrations.

Excellent legibility.

Horizontal or vertical text, max. 2 lines.

Suitable for several terminal blocks of different widths.



Order engraved plates at the same time as you order your wire and cable markers

Tape and mounting holes are included

Choose between having text on 1 to 4 rows

You can have any character size you want



Universal marking system for control panels and components.

Rapid installation using pre-marked or write-on tiles fixed to unique rail system.

Rail mounted in seconds using self-adhesive backing and/or rivets and screws.

Large, clear legends for instant identification even at distance.



Good resistance; scratching, smearing and rubbing

Excellent UV resistance on printed image

High tack adhesive, suitable for uneven surfaces

Easier and faster than engraved metal plates

White, Yellow, Silver - Other colours on request



Flame Retardant

Low Smoke

Zero Halogen

Self Extinguishing

UV Stable

London Underground Approved

Print Quality to Mil. Spec. Standards