ProMark T-1000

ProMark T-1000



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ProMark T-1000 is the latest addition to the ProMark family. It is an upgrade of our most popular profile printer ProMark T-800.

Its menu is now available in English, Swedish, German, Polish, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian languages. T-1000 has also got an expanded symbol library. It has a twin model, T-1000C, with a Russian keyboard.

Complemented with the the new features, and menu with Partex article numbers, is it a perfect solution for installers and producers of controls cabinets and panel boards.

The backlit display and QWERTY keyboard allows entering additional symbols very quickly. The advanced projects can be sent to T-1000 via the
new WinSign software, which enables you to import Excel files with the “copy and paste” function.

Thermal transfer printing:
300 dpi print resolution

Printing speed:
40.0 mm/s in high speed mode
25.0 mm/s
18.5 mm/s in low speed mode

Text heights:
2, 3, 4 or 6mm

Maximum rows that can be printed:
1-3 rows

Temperature range
Operating temperature: +15ºC to +32,5ºC
Operating temperature with pre-heater: from +5ºC
Storage temperature: 5ºC to +35ºC

To obtain the best printing result, the temperature of the profile shouldn’t be lower then +20ºC

High production speed
High quality thermotransfer print
Menu with Partex products to ensure the right settings
USB-connection to PC
Partex software WinSign T-1000